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In this modern age customers are browsing the web, accessing cloud services, and running applications on a multitude of different devices and screensizes. If your software is not available on their platform of choice then you are losing revenue and opportunities to delight your customers.

Cross Platform Development

Software development is expensive and your organization cannot afford to fail as 68% of projects do annually. The solution is to utilize agile methodologies and cross platform rapid application development tools designed to maximize your time and capital investments.

Our team has decades of experience using both the latest and greatest as well as proven and legacy software development tools. Solutons like the Microsoft .NET framework, Xojo, Java, Google Go, PHP, Javascript, and more combined with advanced data persistence tools like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and CockroachDB.

The advantages of tools like Xojo, Java, and .NET is the ability to develop proven business logic layers that can be used across all of your customers devices. Speed up the development of your applications to minimize risk while maximizing the number of potential users.

Exceptional User Interfaces

First and foremost we focus on the user experience. There are numerous software firms that will agree to all of your necessary features but will never consider the implications of those features or how they should be implemented. Asking the right questions and focusing on the end user experience is a large factor in project success.

If your software is difficult to use and overly complex you will find that your employees often fail to use it correctly or enter invalid data. Cleaning up bad data can be a costly undertaking that may not lead to successful results. For companies selling software directly to consumers you have one opportunity to delight them before they consider a competitor instead.

Successful Employees Need Great Software


We have created a number of products that range from full scale web apps to simple website designs. Check out all our previous work to get an idea of what we can do!


Studio is a flexible HTML5 layout which allows you to edit and adjust its sections and structure to your needs. It's Perfect for Small Businesses, Creatives, Digital Agencies, Artists, Illustrators, Photographers or anyone who has awesome work to showcase. Comes with 3 premade Color Schemes.



Bolt is a modern portfolio theme great for anything from commercial products to creative agencies. This HTML5 / CSS3 single page template is mobile and retina display ready. It is made with concrete sections so you can mix and match to make the perfect website that matches your needs. There are tons of different layouts and web elements to play with.



Michael Chang

Hi, I'm Michael Chang. I am a developer who specializes on CSS, HTML and Javascript. I'm excited to work more and learn more about design.

Jane Doe

I am Jane Doe, a web designer who loves designing and building websites. I founded this company to help bring web design to those who need it.


We offer services that range from Website Design to Branding. Just check out all of our services below to get a general idea of what we are capable of. We have three people on our team and we will try to accommodate your request.



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